Freewheeling France

Rich in culture, food and steeped in history and ancient landmarks, Normandy is a wonderful holiday destination. It’s proximity to ferry ports takes the hassle out of traveling, which is probably one of the reasons Normandy has become a popular destination for cycling, walking and riding holidays.

You don’t have to look or go any further. Right on the doorstep of La Chatouillette and in the surrounding area of Manch department there are over 500km of green routes for cyclists or ramblers alike. Mostly converted railway lines and suitably traffic free paths. Whether it’s an easy or more challenging ride your after, there are  many routes to choose to suit all ages and abilities.

Children often find the smooth, safe trails a delight to ride on making it a difficult job to keep up with them as they race off.

 At bike speed you’ll notice things around you in more detail mile after mile of  stunning unspoilt countryside and charismatic villages. With so many points of interest along the way its a real chance to discover the regions delicacies and village Tabacs and cafes.
After a satisfying day of walking or riding, put your feet up with an aperitif and nibbles,  and take in the views of the lake  and tranquility of  La Chatouillette, you might find like many of our previous guests that you don’t  want to leave.