France can be a romantic place to visit anytime of the year but Easter has it’s own special appeal.

You’ll want to spend as much of your valuable Easter holiday enjoying yourselves and as little time travelling as possible. That’s why it’s sensible to consider ‘Next Door Normandy’ and peaceful La Chatouillette.

Normandy is so easy to get to. You can of course fly over. There are many inexpensive options available.

If you cross by ferry, or use the Channel tunnel, once your car arrives on the French roads, you’ll instantly feel the magical difference.

Firstly, the incessant English traffic fades into a distant nightmare as the more sedate French roads reach out to welcome you. Then the wide open spaces beckon  you on and a feeling of freedom releases your soul.

Normandy is beautiful at this time of the year and our Carp Lake and comfortable self-catering Gite are waiting to welcome you. Have a welcome look at

Spring flowers abound in our woodland forest and the fresh waters of our river flow gently through seven and a half acres of natural beauty.

IMG_2227  IMG_0018

Although we’re centrally situated to the beaches, historical market towns, beauty spots, golf courses and a natural regional forest reserve, you won’t see another house or electric light beyond our boundaries.

Talking of light, our skies, on a cloudless night, are perfect for astrologers. No artificial city lights dilute the darkness of our skies.

If you enjoy bird watching or are a flora and fauna addict, the woodlands in and around La Chatouillette are home to unique as well as familiar species, growing naturally in these peaceful surroundings.

Oh, we forgot to mention the fishing!

Our private well-stocked waters provide exclusive fishing for our guests. Our Carp are plentiful and provide great sport.

If you’re enjoying the fishing that much that you want to stay out all night, there’s a free comfortable caravan at your disposal. At least you won’t have to wake the sleeping family in the Gite, if you need a warm cup of something.


Maybe we’ll have the pleasure of ‘catching’ you at La Chatouillette this Easter?

You’ll be certain of a warm welcome!