Art is in the hands of the moulder and beauty in the eyes of the beholder.

So now I’m a ‘poet’ and I didn’t even know it!

Seriously though, where does Art begin and end?

What constitutes Art in every sense of the word?

Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming some amazing guests at La Chatouillette. Father and son, Tristan and Alexander, told us they were inspired by the peace and beauty of our location. They felt the need to create. So, quietly, they disappeared to the river for a few hours. When we went down to join them, we couldn’t believe the stunning sights that greeted us.

Rock river Art is a medium we had never heard of. The concept is quite simple but the skill to fashion statues from raw material lying on the river bed, is incredible.

Look at these inspiring sculptures. Notice how they harmonize with the their natural surroundings. It’s as if they were always there. They bring added peace and quietly question the meaning of true value.


No one can place a label on these figurines. They have no monetary worth. They cannot be individually owned. Yet those who had the pleasure of sharing their unique images will appreciate and remember them forever.

Young children who arrived after the artists’ departures were inspired by the sculptures. The river being low and safe allowed them to venture in and create their own masterpieces.

Surely this is what Art is really about?

It stems from nature and all Art is unique.  Beauty, inspiration and imagination must take precedence over money? Unless of course, you have the urge to make an offer on the Mona Liza!

Maybe that’s just a different kind of Art?