My current truth is that I’m happy in my simple lifestyle … simple being the definition given by those who live in a faster lane than I.  Josie and I live close to Nature. Our home La Chatouillette instills a peace that neither of us has experienced. But what brings us even more satisfaction is the discovery that our guests who come to fish or just hang loose at La Chatouillette also find this peace here. Young guests soon discard their online pursuits as they discover the pleasures of a more natural lifestyle. Their parents’ benefit as a result as there’s no longer the need of continual control or judgment. But what is the real truth about lifestyle choices? We all search for this truth but seldom allow our honest beliefs to come to the fore.

I’ve asked myself this question. Is there such a thing as truth?

We seek the truth but don’t realize that truth is not an essential for belief … the two are different. Only belief creates the truth whether it’s considered to be truth or myth. Your beliefs may be opposite to mine but if they are our truths then they’re real to us and have meaning in our lives.

Why then is it necessary to seek proof of truth or to waste precious time arguing about it? Falling out over differing beliefs is surely a crazy
pastime as whatever the belief the metaphor it creates is greater than the truth itself. Arguing will never change that!

For Josie and me this past Christmas Eve made me think about my beliefs. These thoughts were enhanced when we visited a beautiful village just seven KM’s from our home La Chatouillette. It’s called Beauchene and the welcoming Chapel is creatively illuminated every Christmas. Tourists of many persuasions and from all over Europe visit to marvel at this creative sight. Irrespective of their personal beliefs, they experience a re-kindled peace that is often stolen by the never-ending roundabout of everyday life.

It’s the children’s reactions that are the most fascinating. No matter how unreal the concept is to an adult the children seem to capture and enjoy it without judgment or question. Their minds are open to their own beliefs and these become their truths. For them there is no need of proof.

Whilst savouring this incredible experience an English tourists’ passing remark to his wife made me think even more deeply.

‘It’s amazing,’ he remarked. There’re so many opportunities to make money out of this project, but we haven’t had to spend one penny to enjoy it.’

I realized, that as it is with our lifestyles, he’d missed the point of it all. Money may be needed to produce such a spectacle but the time and the place to demand it wasn’t there and then. The organizers had a more meaningful agenda and that’s what made the whole occasion so touching and impactful.

This was a transformative experience for Josie and me. It provided a new perspective about the truth a perspective we hope the La Chatouillette experience will continue to provide for our valued friends and guests.