A single big catch or seven smaller ones – which is the more gratifying?

A recent angler named Bob, sat for three hours in a spot by our waters where it was thought the largest Carp dwelt.

His companion fished for the same period from various allocated swims and landed seven 16lb to 20lb beauties within the same time period.

Most of them gave him a run for his money.

The larger Carp eventually succumbed to Bob’s tempting line, but – in the end – was that extra weight worth Bob’s long, patient wait for just one large fish?

Of course, when it comes to fishing, it’s ‘each to his own’.

On a bountiful lake, in peaceful surroundings, next to a gurgling river, perhaps time was well spent by Bob, who relished just waiting?

Maybe his companion, battling the seven smaller prizes, enjoyed surpassing all his expectations? His more active time just flew by.

The repetitive adrenaline had him hooked.

That’s the beauty of fishing. Both these options are perhaps equally satisfying.

One day, someone might discover the real answer to the sublime fishing experience.

Weight versus wait? Which is the most rewarding?

We’ll have to wait and see.