If it’s good enough for the Swallows then …

Yes – you’ve got it – it’s good enough for us.

In Southern Africa, where I hail from, the moist earth and cold windy days are, at this very moment, beginning their period of influence.

They command the tenacious swallows to fly thousands of miles northward, across the vastness of Africa to Europe, for their seasonal search of warmth and food.

Yesterday we saw our first immigrant Swallow dive at speed and skim across our warming lake, taking a thirst -quenching sip of water.

He’d just flown across the life drenching Sahara desert, no wonder he craved a sip of our Normandy Lake.

‘Was that his first taste of Europe?’ I asked Josie, as in wonder we sat and admired this amazing phenomenon of nature. How does this intrepid little bird know where to fly to – did he re-discover his seasonal nest – would his mate soon arrive safely?

She usually breezes in a little later, her survival instincts having powered her forward, against all the odds, over the changing and dangerous panoramas of Africa.

La Chatouillette is nestled in a relatively safe and prodigiously productive food source area, which makes us the lucky ones – we get to marvel at the ever-changing wonders of nature that our bountiful Normandy landscape freely provides.