Many fisherman and birdwatchers have commented on how changeable and calming the La Chatouillette Lake is.

We were naturally thrilled to hear such comments.

In all modesty, we do confess that our lake is situated in the most glorious of locations. Whilst it is not the largest of lakes, it seems that the size and number of the fish in it are more important to many fisherman.

Guests staying at our comfortable Coach House Gite  will enjoy exclusive fishing  during their stay. We find fewer people fishing provides a more satisfying experience, both in terms of tranquility and quality of catches.

Last May, one of our favourite guests, Bill, caught forty carp in a week, some over 30lbs. He averaged around 25 pounds and improved his PB in the process.

What amazed him and indeed us, was that only three of the fish he caught during the  whole week were duplicates.

This is the only fishing holiday in France where I’ve not bothered to fish at night.’ Bill said with a grin.

‘I got enough of a kick out of the daytime fishing to satisfy my fishing needs.’

Needless to say, Bill’s wife and daughter were also happier with such an arrangement. There was more quality family time on their holiday.

Well maybe the size of a lake is not the major criterion for a blissful fishing holiday?

Peace and exclusivity, together with a bountiful catch are perhaps more important?


Before I rush off for a row on the lake, how does this little poem grab you for size? It’s called BIG.

Big is not tall

Big can be small

Big can be something

You can’t see at all.

 Hope to catch you soon at La Chatouillette.