We started building a pontoon or jetty at our lake, concrete posts were places in position.

…only a few planks left

‘Little tickle’ being positioned on the Pontoon.


The idea, when first muted, seemed so simple. Just place a few strong logs in the right place, cover them with oak blanks and, hey-presto, there you have it!

How far from the truth that theory proved to be. Concrete posts were needed to ensure sufficient strength and a bulldozer and tractor were required to maneuver them into position.

It will take a few more days for us to complete our task but when it’s done, we hope to enjoy some happy barbeques with friends and guests, as we all relax on the water’s edge.

The pontoon will also create a fine vantage point to watch the interesting activities of the varied bird life and the carp, who are spawning with great gusto at the moment. It’s been worth the hard work but the muscles are complaining a little.

As the old proverb says – ‘no gains without pains.’