Hedgehog Hotel

 A few days ago Josie found a confused hedgehog sitting by the barrel outside our kitchen door. It’s supposed to be winter here but the unusually warm weather confused him.

In our forest we’ve built a Hedgehog Hotel. It’s fully booked over winter.

This hedgehog must have checked out early so Josie had to book him back in for another month or so. Hope he doesn’t get restless again … hungry predators lurk in our woods!


Welcome To Hedgehog Hotel

In our forest, oh I know it well

Is a sheltered place, Hedgehog Hotel

Piles of branches tightly knit

Where Hedgehogs snug and safe all fit

Guests only come when winter’s cold

They fall asleep and so I’m told

Don’t order water or a meal

Until the spring comes and they feel

Warmer welcome forest nights

For them to forage for delights.

But in the spring in our dark wood

Other creatures hunt for food

Badgers, buzzards, bats and owls

Are also hungry on the prowl

They’d love to gobble Hedgehogs up

Nature often brings bad luck.

But Hedgehogs know their prickly quills

Sometimes protect from dangerous ills

Still I wish the Hedgehogs I could tell

To not check out of our hotel.