Feelings are Energy?

There’s a great life giving energy in the air at La Chatouillette.

The woodland trees are sprouting their new leaves, wild mother duck lovingly warms nine small eggs and the countless birds are positive in their quest for re- building homes to shelter their impending young.

Are you like me when I admit that I’m often in awe of this life-giving source? Where does it come from, how does it make life grow, how does it’s power never cease?

If you’re religious you’ll have your own faith that offers answers, if you’re a scientist you’ll be searching for calculable truths.


If you’re like me, sort of uncertain, then you may share another suggestion of mine about this amazing energy. I call it ‘feelings’.

You see, I have this theory, which makes me wonder if life giving energy just comes from ‘feelings.’ Some academics refer to such feelings as ‘phenomenology’, which I think simply means incredible, unexplainable or extraordinary.

If you think of our incredible universe and if in wonder you watch explosions in the night sky, couldn’t you say that the ‘feeling’ of intense heat ignited them?

Couldn’t you say that the ‘feeling’ of freezing cold air gave birth to a giant iceberg?

Couldn’t you say that the ‘feeling’ of mother warmth will give birth to the wild duck eggs?

If you could begin to think that my simple theory makes any sense then you may ask one more question. Where do all those feelings get their feelings from?

I mean, is it all an unexplainable never-ending circle?

Well my final theory is this. Perhaps all these feelings get their life giving energy from a collective consciousness or combined universal force?

This phenomenological recipe could be so strong, that when it’s brought together, its common purpose inspires feelings of progressive change, while still encouraging the principal of the continuation of existence.

(At this stage, let’s not be presumptious and believe that only us humans have feelings of consciousness, that’s surely got to be as arrogant as suggesting that it was us who created the Universe! … That’s definitely another story for another time.)


But getting back to what we think or feel. If you’re like me, in this tiny moment of Universal time, you might be so grateful for just being alive that you simply accept the incredible wonder of it all and do your best to be worthy of it.

You also may want to be gracious enough to allow others of different persuasions to feel comfortable with their beliefs.

That gives me a good feeling.