We’ve discovered that our home, La Chatouillette, has a soul.

As we understand it, a soul has no ego. It’s an external interaction between our life experiences and the reality of nature.

Natural signs of the soul are bountiful here and come without cost.

Nature provides a sounding board for the comparison between how it chooses to evolve and how we choose to live our everyday lives.

Nature brings the realisation that our definition of progress is not always in our long term interests.

Morning Bliss

It often highlights our selfish ambitions and the futility of our tireless efforts to gain self-praise.

It clearly shows us that no person is an island.

La Chatouillette is helping us make a distinction between soul and self.

How does it do this?

It injects us with an understanding that soul exists beyond our personal circumstances and conceptions.

Because La Chatouillette is so undemanding, natural and self-sufficient, it clearly becomes an identifiable entity in our psyche.

It expresses itself to us, not in spoken words but in its natural individuality.

Like a wild animal reveals its soul in its striking or unexpected appearance, so

La Chatouillette similarly shows itself with an extraordinary uniqueness.

It expresses true values, defines priorities and helps clarify the realities of our lives.

The ancient oak tree stands before us as an individual, every bit as soulful as we are.


The river’s power and versatility give it an imposing presence of its own.

The lake, tranquil now and camouflaging another world beneath it, prompts our inquisitiveness with its private soul searching.

We’ve learned that we can only become attached to someone or something if we find a meaningfulness in them. Warm memories and deeply felt values are feelings that bind us as individuals to people and places.

If we were to leave La Chatouillette, we would experience a profound feeling of loss. This is because of its soul. Our home is filled with natural beauty and a haunting aura of memory,  overflowing with times past, its’ soul permeating and secure.

Natural intelligence is at work here. It’s packaged in cultural heritage and wisdom. These are natural blessings, not items we needlessly crave and rush out to buy.

They have no ego, cannot be quantified in Euros and do not vie for a celeb label on Facebook.

They are our natural nutrition bringing us into the reality of nature and our lives.

They bring us joy and peace.