For me Easter is a time of mixed feelings – firstly the sad story of a cruel death – then the relief and happiness of an amazing re-birth.

I’m glad that the feelings come in that order and that Easter is celebrated at the start of Spring, where every living thing has the feeling of being re-born, following nature’s promise of warmth and new life.

The chocolate Easter egg symbolises this promise, although I’m never quite sure where the chocolate part came from.

Perhaps it’s naïve to wonder about that, as some might say there has to be a material profit plus a sweet taste somewhere in the equation.

Well – who knows – maybe that’s what makes the material world go round?

We discovered nine real Easter eggs on the shore of our lake yesterday.

A wild duck decided that the time and the place was right for her and her chosen Drake to make the precarious real-estate investment on La Chatouillette lake – precarious only because we have foxes and other hungry predators all around.

Like all conscientious parents, we’re sure Duck and Drake will do their best in the difficult circumstances. Sadly we don’t control those scary, natural variables, nor the ones filled with warmth and the promise of new life either.

All we can do is wish them a Happy Easter and lots of ‘duck luck’ … just as we wish you.