In our peaceful area of natural beauty we often consider ourselves as being closeted from many of the evolving realities of life.

Our air is fresh and clear. Our cloudless nights reflect skies that sparkle with the brightest stars. Our rivers are clean and free to gush past virgin forests on their unsuspecting journey to the sea.

But they do not have to flow far before reaching more treacherous territory.

Soils pumped with short term fixes bleed poison into the flowing streams.

Air filled with carbon waste feeds putrefied oxygen to suffocating fish.

Frogs croak but not with the joyful anticipation of continuing life.

Theirs is more of a desperate cry as willing mates are few. Life is no longer a healthy swim in sparkling rivers.

We too cry out like frogs. We rejoice in the lengthened summer days. We look forward to extended BBQ’s by the lake in early October. Life is getting better! Who needs to travel to the southern hemisphere to escape the winter?

Maybe the rivers further down stream are clogging up but our waters seem fine. It really can’t be that bad!

We feel smug and unique in our ‘island paradise.’

But no man is an island. We are all connected to the Universe.

Ultimately we all dance to one pipers tune.

He is still practicing our final anthem.

When he eventually plays it the theatre will be empty.

There’ll be no one left to shout encore!