La Chatouillette and the Coach house Gite sit amongst seven and a half acres of meadows, lake, river and woodland.

round gardenThe woodland area presents exceptional opportunities for visitors who are interested in Nature.

There are many protected and unique flora and fauna found within the grounds. Wild orchids and native woodland plants flourish here.

Parts of the grassed areas are left to blossom into natural spring meadows.

In the more cultivated sections planted shrubs and perennials  form attractive pockets of colour.

Most of the garden banks and islands have been left to grow naturally.

Over the last two years one of Allan’s projects has been the creation of a water garden which is fed from the spillway of the Lake.

Natural rockeries and  boarders are now filled  with perennial plants and grasses.

The water garden is a haven for wildlife …  so be sure to look out for those unique tiny frogs!

water garden in 2015
 The water gardens provide a peaceful place to relax and watch the variety of birds and butterflies that abound in this area.
In the spring, listen for the Cuckoo, or watch out for the Herons secretly searching for a meal.
On a warm summers day Swallows abound as they dip into the lake for a welcome drink.
Brilliant turquoise Kingfishers flash along the river banks or perch silently in favourite trees overlooking the lake waiting to dive for a catch.

purple hydranger and lavender

garden 2

In the green fingers department Josie sows and propagates all her plants in the ‘Hoop House.’

She enjoys  tending to the flower beds and has a small organic vegetable garden mainly planted out in halved Calvados oak barrels.

little tickle and flowers

There are a number of ongoing projects which include clearing  old and dead trees in the woods.

There is a possibility of creating a Bird Station at the lower end of the Lake.

table tennis

Guests enjoy playing Table Tennis in the garden.


Younger visitors have fun and games on the Trampoline.

Benches and picnic spots have been strategically placed along the river banks and in the woodland.

These private havens provide ideal spots for quiet contemplation or  happy family times.

Children love exploring  the woods and many guests enjoy our own creative speciality … rock art in the river.

IMG_0248 spring

Relaxing away the hours is a natural pastime at La Chatouillette.

The peaceful surroundings and calming sound of the trout river create a perfect place to enjoy a sundowner and live Al Fresco!