If you like a rummage and a chance to visit local towns and villages, there are many Brocantes , Vide-Greniers (Bric-a-brac sales) that run throughout the year. These can be found in the Calvados, Manche and Orne Departments.  Other interesting outings are Cider and Calvados farms, Zoo’s,  an Aquarium, Naturospace, Butterfly House (near Honfleur) and a 200 foot drop  Bungee Jump  at Souleuvre Near Vire.

The regional museum of pottery at Ger, is just a 5 k drive from La Chatouillette. It offers activities, demonstrations and exhibitions throughout summer.  ’The Potters Market’ and the famous ‘Fire’s Party’, a magical celebration of Fire, takes place at the end of August. This lasts all night!


Just a stone’s throw away from La Chatouillette is what is said to be the oldest Roman bridge still in use in France. Legend has it that Julius Cesar crossed this remote bridge, during his conquering crusades. Bridal paths offer beautiful walks through this wooded area, which is steeped in history.  We can arrange a walking tour for interested guests.

Bagnoles de l’Orne  is  a local town, worth a visit. It is well known for its’ Thermal Spa Waters and  unusual architecture. It is home to the beautiful ‘Chateau de la Roche-Bagnoles’ where you will enjoy beautiful gardens featuring 154 species in the arboretum.

Other attractions include a Casino, racecourse, out door swimming pool and tennis courts.

In  July/August  there are street theatre events and every Sunday, a music festival ‘Les Clés de Bagnoles’ is held. These mostly feature free events, based around the music of the world.

There are numerous French restaurants and pavement cafes to relax in after enjoying your tour. Some outlets over look the picturesque lake and public gardens.

St.Georges De Rouelley is our local village just a few minutes away. It has a Bar /Restaurant ‘Le Saint Georges’ which serves traditional French Cuisine .High recommended.  There is also a bakery and a corner shop which is well stocked.

La Fosse Arthur. This is a local Tourist attraction (5 minutes drive from La Chatouillette) It is renowned for its beautiful wooded walks, peaceful lake and abseiling on the craggy cliff face. A fast flowing river guides you through this historical venue which also has a tea room, bar and restaurant. This is a great place to relax and enjoy a picnic. It is also full of mystery and local legends of King Arthur. 


Lonlay-Le-Abbey  This region is famous for its’ Buiscuiterie Factory and Shop. Guided tours of the factory are available if you book in advance. Visit the shop to sample and buy the fresh products at knock down prices. The historical Abbey is also well worth a visit.

Barenton  La Maison de la Pomme et de la Poir Museum. Discover the many varieties of Apple and Pear ciders, Aperitifs and Liqueurs of this region. Cider tasting is a popular pastime.

Vire. This is a walled and fortified Medieval 12th century City. The remaining ruins are still very impressive. Many speciality foods are found here such as Andouille, Teurgoule, Cider , Knob (Apple -based aperitif) and Calvados . Hotel-Diel  and its Chapel houses a Museum. Lake Dathée is a  leisure centre with activities that include small pedal boats and a nine hole Golf Course, open all year round. A gateway entrance and clock tower dominate the centre, whilst the Gothic style church towers above the top portion of the town. There are many shops and boutiques and a large and varied market on a Friday.

Mortain.  This is an interesting nearby town with friendly cafés and restaurants.  It has delightful walks by the two (petite cascades) waterfalls. In the summer there is an outdoor swimming pool open. The local Tourist Information Centre speak good English.


Flers.  The Castle is surrounded by a deep moat and features extensive walks in the grounds of 7 hectares. Two impressive lakes and an  art and textile museum make interesting viewing, while a children’s play ground keeps the young ones happy. There are many shops and boutiques, Café’s and Reataurants to choose from. There is also a huge indoor/outdoor swimming pool with flume, sauna and a jacuzzi. Just next door is an indoor boules court. Throughout the season there are many interesting and exciting events to enjoy. Cycling paths  connect Flers to the icon tourist location, Mont St. Michel. During the first week of June, there is a free music festival ‘Vibra Momes’ with performances taking place in a street theatre. Golfers will enjoy the Flers Houlme nine hole course.
So much goes on in Flers that a visit to the  Local Tourist Centre is recommended.
 Torchamp  Centre de Pleine. Nature and Leisure activities available here include archery, astronomy ,cycling, Kayaking and horse-riding.


St Hillaire du Harcouét.  An unusual 19th century Church with two spires, landmarks this town. It survived the bombs of 1944 but the rest of the town was destroyed. This has been replaced by a new lively, bustling town with many shops, restaurants, bars and a cinema. The  largest market in Normandy is held here on a Wednesday from 8am -12 am. The wild life park at St.Symphorien-des-Monts is close by. Local leisure activities include a swimming pool with sauna facilities and boating and water sports on the river Selune.

La Ferté Macé. Outdoor leisure activities  include swimming, crazy golf and a children’s playground. There are many interesting  shops to brows as well as bars and restaurants for relaxation.

Lassey -les -Chåteaux.  This is an extrodinary fortified Medeval Chåteaux in the Mayenne Department. It features a working drawbridge and barbican and behind the chateau, you’ll enjoy beautiful grounds and gardens. The tourist office at Lassay (tel. +33 (0)243047433, organises guided visits of Bois-Thibault château at 15h00 each Friday in July and August.

 Mont St. Michel. This is a small rocky island about 1 km from the north coast of France at the mouth of the Couesnon River in Normandy. It is best known for the medieval Benedictine Abbey and steepled church that occupies most of the  one km-diameter of rocks that jut majestically from the waters of the English Channel. Le Mont-St-Michel was used in the 6th and 7th centuries as a stronghold of Romano-British culture and power until it was sacked by the Franks, ending the trans-channel culture that had stood since the departure of the Romans in 459 AD. Mont-Saint-Michel is connected to the mainland via a thin natural land bridge, which before modernization was covered at high tide and revealed at low tide, giving the mount a mystical quality. Walkers climb the Grand Rue and discover museums and many shops.


Granville.  This 12th century medieval town is full of fascinating history and architecture, preserving its military and religious past. It also boasts two beaches suitable for swimming, sunbathing and family fun, situated on either side of the peninsula. Every year, there is one week in July when the town organises a special street festival, “Les Sorties de Bain.” This is timed to coincide with people leaving the beach at the end of the day. Regular concerts and plays are staged at the Archipel concert hall. During the winter months, visitors are warmed by the anticipation of this colourful carnival.  Christian Dior Museum and an Artistic Rose Garden with spectacular clifftop views overlook the sea. There are many  passageways to explore and discover hidden secrets.


 Le Jardin des Plantes.  A beautiful garden near Avranches,

Jullouville Beach.  This fun spot is just an hours drive from La Chatouillette and is a  great place for swimming and sunning on a sandy beach.

Between Villedieu-les-Poéles and Granville on the D9224, you’ll find  Champrepus-Zoological Park and Gardens. This interesting destination links plants with wild and domestic species of animals. It’s a lovely day out and children love it!

At Villedieu-les-poéles. Here you will find many shops selling the famous copper and brass pans, kitchen wear and bells. An exciting place to buy presents to take home.

The Bayeux Tapestry is of course a master piece and a ‘must see’. The tapestry tells the epic story of the Battle of Hastings, Normandy’s conquest of England in 1066 by William The Conqueror, Duke of Normandy. There are guided tours in English. This  Medieval town has narrow streets and ancient wooden buildings dating back to the 18 and 19th centuries. The Cathedral has  impressive stain glass and stone lace ornamentation.

Giverny Gardens of Claude Monet’s residence. Admire the house of France’s  master artist. Enjoy Japanese re-planted water gardens and the famous green Monet bridge. This is a spectacular venue open from spring through to autumn.

The D-Day Landing beaches and Museums. Each nostalgic creation holds  an experienc that will give you an insight and understanding of the historical importance of these treasured monuments.

Playa, where allies landed  and American graveyards and Museum of War remind us of heroic forefathers. Visit Juno Beach Museum, founded by the Canadian veterans and their families and Omaha D-Day landing with it’s historic bunkers. The American Cemetery and Memorial are also situated here. Arromanches is another historical sight, where the harbour constructed by the Allied forces is displayed in the circular cinema.

Sword Beach Oustreham. Here you’ll see the Utah small museum, honouring the D-Day landings.
star excellent rating.